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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"God has Sent us the Spirit of Adoption ... whereas we cry, 'Abba Father'"

Today’s blog comes with news about Elijah and Jen, a missionary couple all the way down south in Antarctica. This past week they obediently answered a call to rescue a family of seven children from the threat of homelessness when their parents were tragically lost in a car accident. They work in Christian ministry near the South Pole Station of McMurdo (photo). Daily, the couple risks their lives while visiting community members in sub zero conditions (50 below +). They bring Christ and pastoral ministry to scientific team members and support staff working in this isolated and desolate part of the world.

The Lord recently brought to Elijah and Jennifer Maxwell an unexpected twist into their lives. Elijah writes, “Many of the supplies here at McMurdo are flown in from Argentina and Jennifer and I have been keeping in contact with a church there in Buenos Aires, the capital city. This past month we received sad news about one of the families in the church. The mother and father were tragically killed in an automobile accident, leaving behind seven children. After much prayer, Jennifer and I felt the Lord wanted us to adopt them and we finally completed all of the paperwork. We are flying out to Buenos Aires this next weekend to bring the kids back to McMurdo.” The new additions to their family are Stephen (13), Matt (12), Jessica (10), Franklin (9), Kitty (7), Ben (5), and Tommy (3).

Thinking about their heroic decision, it is remarkable as to how Elijah and Jennifer are doing the same for Stephen, Matt, Jessica, Franklin, Kitty, Ben, and Tommy as God the Father has done for us. Out of nowhere – when all of us were “homeless” while we were orphans he made us His adopted children through, by and in Christ. They are beautiful models of showing mercy to the children as we have been shown mercy by God the Father. (Romans 8:14-17, Ephesians 1:5-10, Galatians 4:4-7) The real tears in their story are not from recounting the death of the parents (they are in heaven and so we rejoice) but tears of joy that out of nowhere Elijah and Jennifer stepped up to the sacrifice – to the commitment of adopting all seven children. The children are now one family again with roots – a mother, a father and a home. A beautiful model of God’s mercy to all of humankind they have become. Please pray for wisdom and strength as the couple transitions into parenthood. We take this opportunity to celebrate with them all of our adoptions by the Father who has rescued us from eternal homelessness.


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