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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Coming soon ... "We have JESUS"

Bloggers had a lot to say about Coming Soon, Monday Morning Prayer Request Blog (see Thursday, February 21, 2008)! Sylvia writes, “Sounds like a great idea! Count me in.” Cecil said, “Great idea!” Anonymous enthusiastically said, “Count me in! I'll be a prayer warrior! I need prayers for my son in a big way. Well, for all of my family, really... I think it's so cool that you are expanding it in a big way.”

Sr. Angela beautifully wrote about our brokenness, “Yes, we are all broken in some ways and we need each other's prayers, acceptance and support to get up and be healed from this brokenness. Some are broken financially and others are broken emotionally. Yet the worst brokenness we have is the spiritual one, sin, in which I believe is the source of all kinds of brokenness that people are suffering. Though we are crushed by difficulties or any unpleasant situations in life, yet our God is a saving God. We have JESUS who is our hope, our salvation and everything. We believe that Jesus' love will heal every kind of brokenness; that we only need to cling to Him, trust Him, and give Him chance to be the Master of our lives. I am with you in praying for the broken hearts.”

Duly noted is Ileana’s wrestle with prayer itself and so she has the last words about Coming Soon …, “I have a question, how do you know when to stop praying for someone? I don't mean to be funny. I want to know what people think. I find that my list of people to pray for becomes longer and longer until it runs the risk of being a laundry list. Sure, someone gets the flu and you pray for them to be well and when they're well you're done. But, for instance, if you pray for someone grieving the death of a loved one, you can't know when the grief is healed. They could still suffer that grief 10 years from now. Do they stay on your list a week, a month, a year? Do the prayers lose their effectiveness when they are diluted by such a long list? Do you begin to forget to add them to the list at the same rate they become healed? Because I start to forget to pray for people after awhile but then maybe that's okay since maybe God heard and answered them first time. Honestly, I'm not meaning to make fun of prayer. I just want to get it right and pray for a long as my friends need it.”

Pass it on! Coming Soon, Monday Morning Prayer Request Blog, tomorrow – Monday.

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