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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thankful for Volunteers: A Team is Born

Putting the spirit of Lent into action, we are thankful for the inspiration to serve that comes from DJ (taking the photos), Cecil (photo bottom right), Becca, Ines, Laura, Joel, Paul and Evelyn (photo top right). The team, made up of parishioners from various churches, was born this past weekend to hand deliver food supplies to homeless living under bridges, in alleys and on the streets of Los Angeles. Thanks to St. Paul the Apostle's "Sandwich Builders," hundreds of lunches were prepared the night before and also put into use at St. Peter's daily food line in Chinatown, Catholic Charities and at the Transition House in downtown.


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Cecil said...

Good! Happy people. I missed out.
Everyln is a student in my class.
How God made people meet up and do spiritual gathering, it's joyful!

Thanks Gary, you are among us even though you are away,

Anonymous said...

Cecil, we forgot to mention that you were one of the volunteers too that day. You stayed behind and helped at St. Peter's food line. God bless you. Now we need to add your picture to the team! GJG

Anonymous said...

Thank you for referring this web site to me. It is wonderful! God bless you. Fr. Jim