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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pope to Pope

Regarding, Ash Wednesday Lamentation (see Wednesday, February 6, 2008), M.D. writes ... "Apparently, in his Ash Wednesday sermon, Pope Benedict XVI quoted St. John's ringing rebuke of those who turn their backs on souls in need. Said St. John: 'How does God's love abide in anyone who has the world's goods and sees a brother or sister in need, and yet refuses to help?' (1 Jn 3,17) The Pope asked us to make it our special work this Lent." M.D.

Making note of the blog post, John Paul II Reflects on God as Defender of Poor (see Friday, February 1, 2008) Anonymous writes … “It is certainly correct what this person says about the rights of the poor being violated. But, it is more disturbing, at least in my opinion, that the same rights violations are being committed some times by the very same people in the Church that are in an authority position, and who are there, supposedly to protect and to defend the dignity of the poor. God have mercy on them! Because they, being in authority positions are making a big injustice.”

And so, K.D. has the last word on JP II today, writing … “What bothers me when people say these things, and you know it is against the Church, is that there are bad people everywhere, in power in all types of organizations - governments, institutions, clubs, etc. There are corrupt rabbis, evangelical pastors, Muslim imams, Boy Scout leaders, public school teachers, the list goes on. But the Pope always gets all the blame for all the bad in the world. JPII did the best he could with what he had and he always promoted love and compassion for the poor and vulnerable.”


Jesus was Homeless said...

Anonymous, your comments are of interest; however please understand that they are difficult to comprehend because of the many misspellings and incorrect grammar usage. Please send them first to a friend for help with your comments or send them to the email address located at HIA under "My profile." They will be edited for you and posted. Thank you for your understanding in keeping HIA working for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Christ Himself spoke with an accent. Just by his accent; He and and His disciples were automatically discriminated; especially by the priests and levites from the temple. As soon as they opened their mouths { Jesus and His apostles } they { the priests and the teachers of the Law } show their contempt against them, and they will said right away: Are not they galileans? There is not way, that anything good, not to say a prophet will ever come out from Galilee !. Obviously; that comment was very xenofobic to said the least. There is nothing wrong with being an inmigrant, we just have to remember that Jesus; the person that we say we follow was an inmigrant Himself; { a very unwelcomed one, if we are to trust, what the Gospels say about Him, and the persons that lived around Him. It seems to me, that we are not doing it any better, than the Jewish people in Jesus' time. Thank you