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Friday, February 29, 2008

Homeless Teens - Crushed - Abused - Abandoned

"I would rather be homeless," one street teen said. "It is cold and miserable on the streets, but it is better than being beaten up by parents who don't care."

Teens often live in "families" of as many as 20 adolescents, huddling under bridges, in woods, on beaches or in abandoned buildings. Most were forced to support themselves by panhandling, theft, drug sales or prostitution, reports a Stanford University study.

Fully 92 percent of those surveyed came from broken homes. Half reported family alcoholism and 40 percent reported drug abuse. In addition, 56 percent of the teens reported physical abuse and 38 percent reported sexual abuse in their families.

"There are throwaway, as well as runaway, teens among the homeless youths," the researchers said. "The parents of throwaway teens, those who were forced out, felt that the teens caused too many problems. The teens also mentioned frequent conflict with parents, lack of money or room, and teenage pregnancy and homosexuality. Most teenage homeless were not wanted nor well cared for."

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Anonymous said...

[Regarding the weekly Monday Morning Prayer Request Blog]I already have several prayer requests in mind so starting Monday, I'll be posting them. It's a wonderful use of the web and I pray that God my abundantly bless you for starting this ministry. Toni

Anonymous said...

[Regarding the weekly Monday Morning Prayer Request Blog]Sounds awesome, the power in daily Adoration is amazing! We’ll surely let you know what our needs are…but for now, I’d like to offer all Praise and Glory to our awesome God! Pam

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