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Friday, February 8, 2008

Drive to Subscribe

Many of us have slowly walked a six month journey since HIA began publishing in August of 2007 with triumphal insights into one's own brokenness, poverty and illusions. We’ve even gained insights into the plight of the homeless and the poor. Now, more than 150 blogs later the journey continues.

Today is dubbed, "Drive to Subscribe." Who can you invite right now, today - to join us in the journey? It’s the season of Lent, what a great time to admit more sojourners into our family of subscribers? Those who may feel lost in a divorce, an addiction, a bad job and illness or just crushed by the daily cares of life - they may be lost but are seeking to be found by the living God in their brokenness. Let's invite them and we pray for them!

It's easy ... If you are already a subscriber or a returning reader, copy the link below and send it to a family member or friend. Recommend that they join our family of bloggers. Let them know that you don't need to be homeless to "hear the cry of the poor." Let them know that here at HIA we seek to triumph over "poverty" of all sorts. We are even looking for a few "wealthy poor," - those who are internally “poor” and struggling and probably have a beautiful roof over their heads. The Lord does not discriminate. He hears the cry of all the poor.

So what’s the goal? Each current blogger enrolls 1-2 subscribers! Do everyone a favor and invite many of your family and friends to join today! Peace be with you ...


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