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Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Morning Prayer Request Blog, I

"The Lord is near to those with crushed hearts" Psalm 34:18

Today, HIA inaugurates a new tradition, the Monday Morning Prayer Request Blog! First and foremost, we pray for those dear to the heart of Jesus - the homeless, the poor, the abandoned, the crushed and forgotten. Next, we pray for you! Each Monday come, post as many prayer requests as you wish for yourself or others - first names or initials only. Prayer requests are then presented every weekday for one hour at Adoration for the Lord‘s consideration, great mercy and compassion.

* We are here to pray for each other and to bring each other home.
* In a very present living God, the Father, the power behind prayer.
* In the mercy and compassion of Jesus, His son to answer our prayers.
* We are asked to pray unceasingly.
* That that God hears and answers our prayers.
* That God will have mercy upon all of our loved ones, living or dead.
* That we can pray for you, especially if you do not know how to pray at this time.
* That God wants to have a personal, Fatherly relationship with all the persons you are concerned about.
* That through prayer and the mercy of Jesus Christ, the persons we are praying for will be healed of their sins and lead into eternal adoption into the family of God.
* That that through prayer, we will see more of our loved ones and neighbors come to the Christ.
* We will see the Holy Spirit poured out and transforming lives in great and new ways.
* That in these Last Days, we need to pray.
* God hears the cry of the poor.
We believe in prayer!

Therefore, who do you know that is crushed, broken, lost, abandoned or hurting? Yourself? A family member? A dear friend? Who is experiencing “poverty “or “homelessness” by way of all types of anxiety, addictions, depression, divorce, illness, job stress, anger, pride and confusion? Our HIA online prayer community wants to know this person’s initials or first name, your request and then we will pray for their good for one week. Please visit every Monday to post the same request or post a new one. Pray with us!

Here is how to post a prayer request:
1. Click on COMMENT at the bottom of this post.
2. Click the circle Anonymous at the bottom of the page.
3. Type your prayer request in the box at the top of the page.
4. Use your first name or initials at the end of what you wrote.
5. Visually check your spelling (no spell check)
6. Fill in the wavy letters in the security box.
7. Click on publish.
8. Daily pray with us until next Monday!

Please contact your family and friends. Share with them the news that through prayer, God has come to save! Visit us today at

Coming soon … The Tuesday Morning Praise Blog where we give thanks to God for His mercy and compassion and for answers to your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Please pray for L. and E., that they may come to Christ and be baptized.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, please unite Rene back to his mom and dad and your family.

Anonymous said...

I pray for the health of my mom, Uncle Bill and Fr. Rudnik

Anonymous said...

I pray that my husband heart is converted by the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Anonymous said...

Lord please help Abbie, Alisa, Scott, Scott, Lewis, Patrick, Diane and her family, Marie and her sister, Martha, Ann, Daniel, Devon, Paul and help give me guidance and strength.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for my mother and brother that they come to love and trust Our Lord. Please pray for the health of my father. KH

Anonymous said...

Please pray for my friend Nancy. Her husband was killed a little over a year ago, and now she is alone with 2 kids. They are about to lose their home, and obviously she is financially hurting - she needs a miracle or she and her kids will be on the streets. Lots of family members owe her money from times that she's helped them, but no one now is coming to her aide. Please pray for her and her kids.